Medical Application Case of Printing 3D Model of Right Metacentric in the Peking University Third Hospital


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Model name: right metacentric model
Material: photosensitive resin
Manufacturing process: SLA laser curing process
Service provider: ProtoFab 3D printing
Printer type: SLA600 DLC
Client: Peking University Third Hospital
Purpose: to guide doctors in clinical operation
Delivery period: 2 days.


Project background:
With the help of 3D printing technology to print the focus model of patients, it can accurately and quickly guide the clinical operation of doctors. The 3D model is more realistic and intuitive, and doctors and patients can directly touch it. It can not only help doctors to carry out accurate three-dimensional measurement, surgical planning and simulation of surgical operation to improve the success rate of the operation, but also facilitate the doctor-patient intuitive communication on the operation plan. Especially for difficult and high-risk operations, 3D printing of preoperative diagnosis and surgical planning model is particularly important.


Production process:
Through the X-ray data provided by the Peking University Third Hospital, the design department of ProtoFab changed the obscure X-ray film into a clear 3D image file through the reverse change of MICs software. Then, the high-performance sla3d printer independently developed by ProtoFab is used for printing to reproduce the 3D model quickly, efficiently and accurately.


3D printing technology can not only accurately locate the spatial position relationship between the focus and the important vascular structure, but also quickly print out the transparent 3D model which is completely consistent with the size and position during the operation. It makes surgeons jump out of the dilemma of "imagination out of thin air". Before operation, they can really foresee the situation in operation from multi dimensions, make clear the direction of important pipelines, make operation paths and procedures and rehearse the operation, and finally achieve the most ideal operation effect. If you need to produce make medical model, please feel free to contact us!


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